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The Black and White date....

The date, 25 October 2002. The date, Black and White. The clothes, black and white; the food, black and white; the scavenger hunt, black and white; the pictures, black and white; the movie, black and white.

The web page. Black. And. White.

Noticing a trend?

The boys!
The group!
Camille and Joel
Kung fu Cami and Jujitsu Joel duel
Camille and Joel with some of the wonders from the scavenger hunt
Cami and Joel and more scavenger hunt stuff
Cami and Joel and still more scavenger hunt stuff
Corrin and Brandon
Corrin rejects Brandon's 'book' (note that his tag says, "The Church of JESUS.")
Biker Brandon and Too-Cool Corrin
Corrin shaves Brandon
Jordan and Matt
Jordan drinks Matt under the table
Jordan "interrupts" Matt
Jordan, Matt and a Towel Turkey (dinner!)
Elisa and Canon
Elisa and Canon pretend to be pious.
Elisa strings Canon along
E-mazing Elisa and Captain Canon save the day!
Exciting Elisa and Cool Canon
Eat 6 saltines and laugh! (Or whistle)
The Taboo word was "booby trap."
Matt gets in touch with his feminine side.
Corrin and Jordan the morning after