Here are some really low-res photos from Hallowe'en. Sorry, that's the best my camera can do. :)

My closet door
My closet door (again)
My lava lamp on the windowsill
My markerboard next to my door in the hallway
Markerboard closer up
Jack O'Lantern -- We made these in FHE; my bro Doug had the idea and carved it all himself. All I did was scoop out the guts.
The door in the hallway decorated with Corrin's felt stickers
The view from the door when you first walk in
Santa (Eliza Brazier)
Vampiress (Sara Slack)
The Ninja Turtles and April (Turtles -- Leonardo: Katie Lubeck, Michelangelo: Lisa Salazar, Donatello: Amber Callister, Raphael: Shannon Olson; April: Liz Martin)
The Ninja Turtles in an informal moment.
Punk Rocker (Corrin Payne)
Punk Rocker close up

Here are pictures of my dress for Preference.

My dress
Just playing with my hair

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