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Legolas lego las
(Greenleaf) green leaf
Thranduil thrond du il (el)
(In the Hall of Star-Shadow)hall shadow star
 I just made it up
Ithildin ithil din
(Moonstar) moon star (more at "sparkle")
Hithil hith ithil
(Moon-mist) mist moon
Ethur et thur
 out^ spirit*
Carlith car lith
(Red ash)red ash
Farothoin faroth oin**
(Fearful pursuit) pursuit, hunt fearful
Ithilas ithil las
(Moonleaf) moon leaf
Hithind hith thind
(Greymist) mist grey
 I just made it up
Laerdil laer dil
(Love of summer) summer lover of
Celeborn celeb orn
(Silvertree) silver tree
Galadriel galad  riel (from rig)
(Radiant Garlanded Maiden)radiance  garlanded maiden (from wreathe)

Italicized names are taken directly from Tolkien's books. (Which you should already know.)
^ Sindarin-ized Quenya (either by arbitrary supposition or by the standardized rules)
* Quenya (I know, I know, they'd sooner die)
** Dwarvish (Khuzdul)



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What, did you think I was an archer? Heck no! I had to learn how to spell nock.