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Positions of Authority: Part Three

by Autumn P. Torkorgana

Andriya managed to scrape together something that wasn't what Myndex asked for, but was still "tasty," as he would say. Unfortunately for Andriya, Myndex didn't have time to compliment her culinary skills before he took most of the food, and Andriya's assistant, into the children's playroom. Andriya silently thanked her brother--not because she wanted to be alone with Obi-Wan, but . . . okay, so she did want to be alone with Obi-Wan, but that was because she had weighty points to discuss with him.

"Have the Council reached a decision about Anakin yet?" Obi-Wan asked.

That would be one of those weighty points, Andriya thought. "I'll tell you, but you cannot tell anyone what you receive here. Especially not your Padawan."

"Not a word," Obi-Wan vowed, glad to have the weight of apprehension lifted from his shoulders.

"We're still debating on your Padawan. He is not ready."

"If you don't think he's ready, why can't the Council just decide not to give him the title?"

Andriya sighed. "It's all politics," she muttered.

"What do you mean?"

"We want you on that transport to Riliss in two days. But you can't go if you have a Padawan."

"Why is it so important that I go?"

Andriya seemed to change the subject. "Over one thousand Jedi have volunteered to serve together to protect the planets attacked by the clone forces, namely Riliss."

"I would be more than willing to serve, and I'm sure Anakin would be, too."

"The Council feels that Padawans are not suited to battle duty."

"Then I can not go."

Andriya closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "We want you to lead the Jedi Resistance."

There was no reply for a long time, so she opened her eyes again.

"What did you say?" he finally asked.

"We want you to lead the Jedi Resistance, General."

"But . . . why me?"

"It has been determined that you possess the qualities necessary for that kind of leadership position. Basically, you're the Jedi for the job."

"I . . . I'm flattered."

"You should be--but does that mean you'll accept the position? Rank, I mean."

"What about Anakin?"

"Andi!" Myndex cried from the children's playroom, interrupting the conversation. "Obi-Wan! Hurry, get in here!"

Obi-Wan jumped up from the table, but Andriya just rolled her eyes. "It's not urgent--he just wants to ambush us. Oh, that reminds me . . . for some reason. Anyway, I do have some good news for you."

"I thought that was pretty good news."

"Well, in light of recent . . . political developments, your library fines have been waived."

"That's your idea of good news?"

"Hurry! They're gonna--" Myndex yelled, acting like his pressing cry was abruptly cut off.

Andriya reluctantly stood. "I guess we're going to have to go 'rescue' him."

"Master Andriya," called the assistant, leaving the playroom.

"Oh, it is terribly urgent?" Andriya asked sarcastically.

"Yes, Master Andriya. It's time for your meeting."

"Thank you, Téan. Tell Myndi for me, all right?"

"Yes, ma'am." Téan turned and walked back into the playroom.

"You're welcome to stay, if you like, Obi-Wan, but it seems that I have to go back to discussing your Padawan."

"I should be going," Obi-Wan said, following her as she left the room.

"It was nice seeing you," Andriya called over her shoulder. Before Obi-Wan could echo her courteous gesture, Myndex rushed out of the office and into the corridor.

"Andi! Andi!" he called. "I just had a great idea!"

"Did you? Well, walk and talk, little brother. You can do both at once, right?"

"Shut up or I won't solve all your problems."

"Oh, solve them, quickly," she replied in a mildly sarcastic tone.

"About Anakin--"

That was all Obi-Wan heard as the siblings rounded a corner and proceeded out of his hearing range.

Never before in his entire life had patience been so difficult. And where in the worlds is my master? Oh, I'll bet he's somewhere with that Council girl he likes. I don't know why. Sure, she's pretty--pretty mean. When will the Council decide? Sheesh, this is taking a long time! Anakin paced in circles as his thoughts flitted from subject to subject, much like the skittish little birds Myndex had let him keep in his room.

Suddenly, his scattered thoughts were interrupted as he sensed his Master in the hallway. Nearly tortured by his desire to know, Anakin bounded out to meet Obi-Wan. "Have they decided?" he asked eagerly.

"Not yet," Obi-Wan replied distractedly. He seemed to be quite concerned with something behind Anakin. Before he could turn around to investigate, Anakin heard the flapping of wings and suddenly remembered that he hadn't closed the door behind him.

"I'm in trouble," he muttered under his breath.

"Where did you get birds?" Obi-Wan asked.

"You let my birds go?!" Myndex exclaimed from the end of the hallway.

"Not on purpose," Anakin weakly defended himself. He and Myndex began running down the hall after the fleeing birds. To make matters worse, Master Andriya walked up.

"Birds?" she asked Obi-Wan.

"I believe they belong to your brother."

"I should have known."

Myndex and Anakin ran past them. "Stop!" Andriya commanded. Myndex did, but Anakin kept running. "One . . . two . . . three," she counted. The instant she said the last number, Anakin suddenly tripped and fell with quite a bit of clatter. "Myndi, go catch your birds. I have matters to discuss with these two." Her brother nodded obediently before running off after his birds.

"Matters?" Obi-Wan quietly questioned Andriya as Anakin made his way to his feet.

"The Council has reached a decision--but not on Anakin's title. We've dispersed to conduct personal interviews with the Padawans we've tested--with their Masters."

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