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Star Cruises Travel Agency

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Welcome to the galaxy!  Here at Star Cruises Travel Agency, we don't just book shuttles and inns.  We will be happy to . . . well, we'll do anything we can to make your travels with us safe, enjoyable and, most of all, memorable.  Be sure to consult our Services Directory and our Special Services Directory for more details.  And also see our Disclaimer so you don't get any of the wrong ideas.

Hello.  I am EM-75, at your service.

And I am Autumn P. Torkorgana, president of Star Cruises Travel Agency, or StaCruTA.  Sometimes, we're even SCTA, but not very often.  Our central office, where you just happen to be, is located on Coruscant in the shadow of the majestic Jedi Temple (it casts a long shadow).  Of course, we have hundreds of offices, in nearly every civilized spaceport.  Now, EM-75 will give a brief overview of our three most popular Travel Destinations.

Thank you, Mistress Torkorgana.

Travel Destinations

Our three most popular destinations for the upcoming bank holiday--Bank Day--are:

with Capital City, the Galactic Senate and the Jedi Temple

with the palace at Theed, beautiful waterfall cities and lush swamps

with . . . well, honestly, I don't understand the appeal of this planet.  It's basically just a vast desert controlled by Hutts with the only form of anything resembling entertainment being those awful pod races--

EM, it is not your place to judge anyone or their travel plans (especially if they're with us).

Please forgive me, Mistress.

That's perfectly fine, but please don't do it again. And, by the way, a note to our travelers: Both the Coruscant Main and Tatooine Branch Offices are operational at this time, but the Naboo Branch Office is under construction.

I am...

I'm Orlando Bloom!

Which Fellowship Actor are YOU?

. . . Okay . . . so I'm not Orlando Bloom (thank Heaven--have you SEEN what kind of movies he's been in?! I mean as little offense to him in saying that as he meant to me in acting like that.) and I just answered the quiz like I thought he would. (Hint: for the question "Got any bad habits?" You might try the answer, "I tend to drift into my own little world in the middle of conversations." Hey, it worked for me . . . meanwhile, what were we talking about?)



Part A:  This is to publicly announce that the allegations brought against us are completely erroneous and false.  No proof exists to validate or substantiate the claims that eleven travelers were abandoned to the spice mines of Kessel.  None of our shuttles or transports have ever been authorized to even approach Kessel.

Part B:  Almost nothing on this site is mine.  Unless otherwise noted, concepts, characters and locations are copyright of LucasArts.  None have been used to make money in any way.

Part C:  The concept of Star Cruises Travel Agency is property of Autumn Trenton

Here at StaCruTA, we believe in you, the traveler. And webrings. We are currently a member of:
This Obi Wan Kenobi Web Ring site belongs to Autumn Torkorgana.

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Please, feel free to visit our sister site, Things to do!