The Lone Jedi: Part One--The Tangible Menace

Part Four

by Autumn P. Torkorgana

After they were in orbit, Obi-Wan again examined the cut on her cheek and her injured hand.

"I'll have them soaked in bacta when I get back. They'll be fine," she assured him.

"Back where?" Obi-Wan couldn't stop himself from asking.

"Alderaan," Andriya replied slowly. "I have to go back--Wherkane is waiting for me."

He nodded and looked away.

"Come with me," she exclaimed. Obi-Wan's head snapped back to face her, but the expression on her face looked even more surprised than he felt. He looked away again, shaking his head.

"No, I mean it," she insisted, taking one of his hands in hers. "Please."

Obi-Wan turned back to her again. He wanted to go with her, and here she was practically demanding that he did so. But he couldn't--he had agreed to watch over Luke. Obi-Wan trusted his brother, but having a Jedi around can make all the difference.

Andriya could see his reluctance and released his hand.

"It's not that I. . . ."

As Obi-Wan's voice trailed off, Andriya looked away. "Never mind. Stupid of me to ask," she muttered.

Obi-Wan stood and placed a reassuring hand on Andriya's shoulder, but she shrugged him off. Disappointed and dejected, Obi-Wan left the cockpit. He walked into the captain's cabin. Immediately after he entered, the ship listed sharply to the left and slowly righted itself. Obi-Wan barely kept his balance. A lock box that had been on an empty bunk didn't fare as well, tumbling down and spilling its contents on the floor.

"Andriya?" Obi-Wan called over his shoulder as he knelt to clean up the mess. The lights in the cabin flickered and died. Obi-Wan froze as he heard Andriya's approaching footsteps. She ran into the cabin and kicked Obi-Wan in the side. Obi-Wan gave an exclamation at the unexpected pain, and Andriya gave an answering call as she hit the ground. The lights returned to life, and Andriya and Obi-Wan both found themselves sprawled on the ground.

"What did I trip over?" Andriya asked herself dazedly.

"I think it was me," Obi-Wan groaned.

Andriya quickly sat up. "I'm sorry!" she exclaimed. "Are you all right?"

"Yes," he said softly, sitting up more slowly.

"I was looking for you."

"What is it?" he asked, not without trepidation.

"We're being followed. Fighters. We're on our way to Zyro."

"Zyro? Why?"

"I have a feeling they'll follow us to there. We'll need a new ship." She glanced at the emptied lock box. "I meant to throw that away." She quickly tossed the spilled holocubes into the box, then stood and left Obi-Wan alone. After he watched her leave, his focus shifted back to the lock box.

He began to look through the box. He found it contained three portrait holocubes--one of Andriya, one of Myndex, and one of a couple who bore a slight resemblance to Andriya and Myndex. Obi-Wan decided that they must be Andriya's parents. In each of their portraits, Andriya, Myndex and their father appeared to be about twenty, which meant the pictures could have been taken any time after they turned twenty.

Obi-Wan studied the holocubes for another moment before pocketing them. If she wanted them thrown away, I may as well take them, he rationalized. She certainly won't miss them. He closed the lock box, locked it, and put it in a closet.

"Andriya!" he called as he shut the closet. She didn't come, so Obi-Wan went to the cockpit, looking for her.


"I want the Force back," Obi-Wan demanded. While he'd always wondered what it would be like to be a regular person, Obi-Wan concluded that he didn't care for being Force-blind.

"I'm sorry," Andriya apologized. For the first few irrational seconds, Obi-Wan thought she was apologizing because she couldn't restore his Force-sense, but he realized that she meant that she was sorry for turning it off in the first place.

"I think you'd better lie down." Obi-Wan agreed, recalling how he'd reacted earlier. Andriya followed him to the captain's cabin, where he laid down in one of the bunks and closed his eyes. She placed a hand on his forehead. Within seconds, Obi-Wan felt his awareness expand to its normal boundaries.

Obi-Wan opened his eyes and looked at Andriya. She allowed her hand to linger on his forehead as she looked away without really seeing anything. He placed a hand on her shoulder and her focus turned back to Obi-Wan.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"Yes," she said with an unconvincing, cheerless smile as she let her hand slip away from his forehead. She rose from her position kneeling beside the bunk and walked back into the cockpit.

"Collect your things, we're here."

"I don't have any things."

Andriya looked at him, and raised an eyebrow. For a tense moment, Obi-Wan wondered if Andriya knew about the holocubes.

"Okay," she said, clapping her hands once. "Then I guess we're ready to land." Andriya stopped in the doorway, pausing to relish the wave of nostalgia that passed over her. "I'll miss this ship," she murmured, and left the cabin.

"I'll miss you," Obi-Wan said to the closed door.

In the cockpit, Andriya slowly looked up from her hands clasped in her lap. As she began the descent onto Zyro, she whispered something, half to herself. "I'll miss you, too."

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